Make Activity You Love!


Instead, in this post, I want to remember you to make activity that you love. It doesn’t have to be hardcore or intense exercise — just think of it more in terms of movement. Whatever gets your body in motion is totally fine. It could be walking, or yoga, or Tai Chi, or dancing, hiking, playing with your kids, biking, surfing, swimming! Pretty much anything that gets your body moving and feeling good.

I love my Tai Chi Qi Gung practice. I love to move in freely–whether it be on a beach, my living room, in hotel rooms, wherever. I feel like I’m exploring my own energy and breath, and it’s exciting!

If you love walking, you can have a few pics and write about why you like to walk — perhaps it’s the peace and reflection, or the sights you see…If your activity is yoga, remember  how yoga makes you feel inside and how your body evolves with practice… Hiking could be about connecting with nature and fresh air… you get the point.

There is such a pure joy and beauty in how we humans can move in so many different ways. So I encourage you to let  be a celebration of the types of movement you love most.

This will help you feel gratitude for how far you’ve come, how good you feel, and how great it is to have a body that can get out there — MOVE — and enjoy the world!

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