Green Buckwheat Wraps


Good morning, are you ready for lunch?
Today I’m going to prepare some “Green Buckwheat Wraps”.
Ingredients: 6-8 wraps:
2 cups cooked buckwheat
1 avocado
1 fresh lemon juice
1 cup beets
1 cup probiotic & enzyme salad

All my family and I love these creamy and in the same time crunchy wraps. We love to use avocado like a substitute of mayonnaise and lemon juice add some fresh taste too. I love to prepare beets with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and garlic. We love to mix all these ingredients and wrap it all together.

It’s easy to prepare an you can do it with your family or friends. And it’s gluten free!


4 thoughts on “Green Buckwheat Wraps

  1. Ciao Raza mi spieghi cosa sono e dove trovo i seguenti ingredienti probiotic & enzyme salad?
    giovanna mamma di flavia

    • “Probiotic & enzyme salad” è semplicemente cavolo fermentato altrimenti chiamato “krauti”. Puoi facilmente trovarlo nei negozi che vendono i prodotti biologici. Io lo faccio da me, ma alcune volte compro a “Biopolis” di Spoltore. Spero di esserti stata d’aiuto e buona esplorazione.

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